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We care about our environment . . .

We are an environmentally-friendly printer. Everyone here at Hilton Press cares about our environment and our impact on it.  When the people doing the work are so passionate about driving something like this, its easy to make sure that the decisions made are the right ones.

What we as a business are doing: 

- We source paper which is either made from recycled material or is made from renewable resources. Also we consider the processes used to produce the paper and the chemicals used in that process.

- Over the past two years we have introduced more paper recycling and we intend to continue to refine our processes and reduce the amount of landfill waste we produce. Even the rubbish in our office is sorted into recyclable and non-recyclable.

- We source consumables for our machines which have recyclable containers.

- We minimise the use of plastic in our processes wherever possible. 

- We minimise the use of toxic chemicals.