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Visitor Pass Sets . . .


Are you monitoring your workplace visitors correctly?

If not, you should be . . .   Don't wait until its too late.


Introducing our simple-to-use and cost-effective method for monitoring visitors to your premises.  

  Protect yourself, your employees, your customers and your business from:

 * Safety Issues * Needless downtime        * Costly accidents
* Confidentiality Problems      * Fines        * Security Breaches

The Hilton Press Visitor Pass system will help your business to comply with New Zealand's Health and Safety and Fire Safety requirements, as well as helping to prevent costly accidents on your premises. And all at an extremely reasonable cost per visitor. Each visitor receives a uniquely numbered self-adhesive label, plus their own copy of your rules of entry. Visitors sign to acknowledge having received and understood the rules, then they log out when departing.

For businesses with specific requirements, we can discuss your needs and customise our system to exactly suit your needs.

- Standard or Customised options. - Multi-entry option. - Refill kits available.  

The Hilton Press Visitor Pass system is ideal for use in a busy reception foyer. This system can even be used effectively in non-staffed situations, and in locations where there is no electricity. Visitors and Contractors need only follow the straight-forward instructions supplied to complete their log-in. By following the instructions they are guided through the correct process for arriving and leaving.  They are not only signing to say they have read and understood the rules of the site, they are receiving their own copy of the rules.  When they sign they are also agreeing to your rules of confidentiality. This is very important for protecting your clients, as well as for protecting your business in the event of an incident.  Each set comes with easy-to follow instructions on the clip-board, plus an A4 self-adhesive sheet of the same instructions.  This can be applied to any surface - counter-top or wall, or it can be laminated.

Operating Instructions:

1 - Each Visitor enters their name on the label, then removes the set at the perforation. They peel and stick the named portion to their clothing, and keep their copy of the Rules and Regulations.

2 - They then complete the details in the Visitors Book on the line corresponding to their Visitor Number.

3 - Next they sign to acknowledge that they have read and understood the Rules.

4 - Lastly, they enter the time when they leave.

When each page on the Visitors Book is full,  simply turn to the next page and insert another book of 20 labels into the holder. Each time a page is filled, another sticker book is placed into the holder.

Not sure this is for you? Or have very few visitors? Our Trial Kit gives you 200 entries at a low cost - ask to see our Price List.

Please Contact Us if you would like a Price List, or would like more information, or wish to order.
Also, we value your feedback. If these are not suitable for your workplace, please let us know why so that we can endeavour to supply you a product which is suitable.
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